About Us

Why use pandev?

Our expertise extends to all disciplines within the building speciality. PANDEV is exceptionally service orientated, and not only do we meet our clients' expectations but we exceed them. Our service is quick and our pool of project Engineers, Managers etc is knowledgeable, talented and has a remarkable experience within the construction sector.
We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals to execute our projects. Our vital canons are meeting deadlines, satisfying client preferences, and risk management. We have earned our standing through innovation and hard work.

Our vision

To be the preferred and leading building and civil engineering contractor in Southern Africa within the market in which we operate.

Executive summary

PANDEV is a dynamic 100% Black owned and managed company.

Our values


People are at the heart of our business. We treat our people with respect, heed and with dignity. Our business environment is dependent on the quality of our people.


We are open, fair, transparent and candid in all our relationships. We make and keep our promises. We accept constructive criticism and act upon it.


Excellence within our organization is renowned, rewarded and therefore results in career growth. We are quality and service orientated.


Goals are clearly set and measured bi-annually. To improve we must measure our performance, meet and exceed all set goals.


We try to achieve our full potential as PANDEV employees. We are committed to learning continuous improvements and working as an undivided and disciplined team.


We exceed our customer’s expectations. We constantly think of innovative and competitive ways to ensure that we do things differently.